Jamie Chan Launches New Site

top5imageAnyone in the product review space is surely familiar with Jamie Chan. She has been reviewing all types of home appliance products for a few years now. And well, she just launched a new site — and it appears we have some competition! :)

Yep, Jamie is now in the vacuum cleaner market! As you know, Jamie and I are good friends, so I do consider this a bit of friendly competition. Jamie’s site — Top5Vacuums.com — is pretty slick. She’s got a great design going, as you can see. But most importantly, her reviews are VERY thorough — wow!!

Just from browsing her pages, you can tell she’s really put in the time and effort to test the products. That’s really the key, and something I try to do with my own site. When you’re putting out product reviews — another favorite site of mine is The Verge, where they also do great work — a lot of the effort comes on the front end. Of course, it takes time to actually write the review; but all your thoughts and ideas for those reviews come from when you’re actually testing the product.

So I’m certainly happy for Jamie. She’s an excellent writer, and has a great eye for what makes a great product. We need more of those types of people in our business.

That said, I hope you continue to read my site, because we’re also be putting out some well-written reviews of our own :)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Review

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum has been reviewed by more than 1,100 customers on Amazon, averaging a tremendous rating of 4.41 stars out of 5. It retails for around $200, and is both one of the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors and pet hair that you can purchase today.


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum boasts of its powerful suction that uses advanced cyclonic technology, making for a strong, deep-clean. Its swivel steering feature allows for easy maneuverability from room to room, and the lightweight design makes it possible to vacuum around furniture. The canister on this vacuum is detachable and portable, making it ideal for cleaning stairs and upholstery. Other features include sealed vacuum technology with HEPA filtration, and a hardwood floor accessory with dusting pads.


Reviewers on Amazon highlighted how powerful the Shark Navigator’s suction is at pulling up dirt and dust, especially out of carpets. Its lightweight design and swivel steering also received high praise. Customers appreciated the dustbin on the Shark Navigator, which empties easily and fully. Other pluses were that there seemed to be no loss of suction when the wand was removed, it’s a great vacuum for hardwood floors due to the accessory, and that overall it’s a pretty great value price-wise.


A few Amazon customers noted how easily the Shark Navigator can fall or be tipped over, due to its lightweight design. Another issue mentioned is in regards to the floor-brush, which is narrower than average, so it can take longer to vacuum large open areas. The hose that connects the wand to the vacuum is also a little short and rigid.

Source: Consumer Reports